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    Buying Security Cameras for your business or home needs proper planning. There are Security Cameras for every requirement. For instance, if you are in the market to secure your home an entry level system will do the job. However if you are in the market to install cameras in your business because off stock losses or staff monitoring a more advance approach is necessary.


    Analogue cameras can be connected to a DVR ( Digital video recorder) using RG59 Co-axial cable. A analogue camera can also be installed on a Television monitor AV channel using the RCA video input. This is ideal if you need to monitor if a visitor is at the front door of your house or reception area..


    Access control and biometric access control security systems that offer powerful advances in digital video management, smart card applications, biometric integration and open IT systems.


    A network switch is a computer networking device that connects devices together on a computer network, by using packet switching to receive, process and forward data to the destination device. Unlike less advanced network hubs, a network switch forwards data only to one or multiple devices that need to receive it, rather than broadcasting the same data out of each of its ports.


    Our reliable dual-zone detection system to create 180 degrees of volumetric protection with range of 3 to 12cm. Equipped with 4 pyros, the dections field is dived into left and right zones which can be enabled / disabled as required for precise area control. The slim-profile housing features a back-tamper, and clearly labelled option switches make installation a breeze.

IP Security Cameras

Via the Internet or computer network, using a standard web-browser, a IP security camera (network security camera) which is a standalone device allows the user to view live, full motion video & Audio from anywhere.


IP security cameras (network security cameras) can be connected to existing IP Networks. Images can be viewed and IP security cameras managed from anywhere via a web browser. Any mass storage drive on the network can be configured by using control management software to store surveillance footage. IP security cameras (network security cameras) are also ideal for wireless applications.


IP Cameras can integrate with your current local network infrastructure. Nevertheless, the network infrastructure must be able to handle the bandwidth traffic the cameras creates. Most HD cameras can allocate about 2-5 Meg traffic per camera.If this important fact is overlooked your company can and most probably will suffer of a slow network or network failure. The result, e-mail and daily internal data transfer between users very slow. We would advice that one of our consultants schedules a appointment with your in house IT to discuss integration.